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Federations Cup Qualifier - Day by Day

13 JUN 2017 11:49
Game over, the tournament is over. Sant Boi won the final against Kaunas with 4-1 in a well played game. Thanks to all involved for a fantastic week.
  • Uppdaterad: 19 JUN 2017 10:41

Saturday June 17th

Last day of the tournament, who's winning?
Well, before we go into that we can tell that the three last places were granted to Deby Osielsko (0-4 5th), Stockholm Monarchs (2-2 4th) and London Mets (2-2 3rd).

The final began in sunny weather between the hometeam Sant Boi and Kaunas County.
Kaunas starter Marijus Dargis who shut out the Monarchs earlier in the week, gave up two hits i the bottom of the first inning for one earned run, and one unearned after a dropped fly ball on outfield. But after that he held the fort in five innings. Kaunas managed to reduce the lead to 2-1 in the fourth inning by a single, a wild pitch and a sac bunt that took the runner to third, after that a Sac Fly for one run. Meanwhile Sant Boi's starter Anthony Vizcaya held the opponents to that one run in the fourth inning and struck out 14 batters.
In the seventh inning Ruben Fente in Sant Boi lead off with a single and he and Matias could later score after three errors and Dargis was relieved by Nick Miceli on the mound. That would be the final score, 4-1 to Sant Boi after a very well played final by both teams.
The difference between these teams are in the defence, Sant Boi rarely makes fielding mistakes, but Kaunas had five errors in the final.

Sant Boi is undefeated here in the cup and are very well deserved champions of this qualifier.
After the game the tech. commisioner Roderick Balk handed out some prices:


  • Best hitter: Ruben Fente, Sant Boi
  • Best Pitcher: Sollicito, London Mets
  • MVP: Daniel Martinez, Sant Boi

As hosts, the Stockholm Monarchs would like to thank everyone involved:
- the Commisioners Roderick Balk and Yulia Sundin
- the Scoring Director Aude Fatout
- all the Umpires
- the fantastic Ground crew
- all the ladies in the clubhouse
- Stefan Nielsen and his vandrivers
- and of cource, all the nice and pleasant players and coaches that made the tournament a good experience and an exiting battle to watch.
Welcome back sometime!
Ante Carlstedt
Stockholm Monarchs

Friday June 16th

Last day of the pool-games, now it’s going to be settled.
Stockholm Monarchs and Deby Osielskos are already out of the final and Sant Boi is already in the final, only thing that can change for them is whether they are home or away team.
If London Mets win against Sant Boi they’re in the final, if they loose they must have som help from Deby Osielsko. If Deby Osielsko the win over the Monarchs, Mets are in the final but if the Monarchs win, Kaunas is in the final.

First game was between hometeam London Mets and Sant Boi and after the top of the first inning Sant Boi took a 4-0 lead and increased that to 9-0 in the third and 16-1 in the fifth so the game was more or less over for the Mets early. Mets starter Marshall Crawford lasted just two innings with four earned runs and the relievers couldn’t do much better either.
Sant Boi pounded them with 13 hits and eight walks and Daniel Martinez and Jesus Golindano with 3 hits each and 5 RBIs.
The British hitters came up with five hits against the Spanish starter Eric Izquierdo but only one earned run. 
The game ended 16-1 and Sant Boi has to be concidered favourites in the upcoming final tomorrow.

The evening game would decide what team Sant Boi would meet, Mets or Kaunas.

The game was scoreless for five inning due to good starting pitching from Monarchs Max Hill and Deby’s Szymon Szymanski who struck ou six resp. seven batters. Both team had great chances with men on base but couldn’t get them in upto then.

Deby managed to get two runs in the sixth after a walk, a double and a strucked out batter that reached first anyway and then another RBI walk that scored the first run.
The second run scored on a groundout.
Stockholm Monarchs rallied in the seventh with three runs after the first two batters where out. A hit-by-pitch, an infield hit, a dropped infield fly ball, a wild pitch, a walk, an error and finally a pure RBI hit by Arvid Carlstedt – 3-2 and the bleachers came alive, specially the Lithuanian part of it…
Deby Osilska wasn’t going to give up though, they scored again in the eight on a squeeze play at home plate.
It would of cource come down to the bottom of the ninth inning before this battle came to an end. After a lead of walk the Polish pitcher muffed a pickoff throw so that Joe Firestone ended up at third base with no outs. Deby Osielsko decided to fill the bases with intentionally walked batters, and it seemed to be the right strategy when the next batter popped up fo the first baseman. But Oscar Holmberg in Monarchs got it done so to speak, with an RBI winning hit by pitch!
4-3 to the Swedes and that placed Kaunas in the final tomorrow.
Winning pitcher was Calle Bielsten the young leftie who really lived on the edge but was able to crawl out of his problems in an impressing way. But it was mistakes that really was crucial for this game so it’s hard to talk about losing pitchers when there was just one earned run for Deby Osielsko.
Best hitter in Stockholm was Ricardo Montero with two hits and in Deby it was Teska and Matuszewski with two hits each.
Very exiting game indeed!

Now there is just one game left of this tournament, see You all tomorrow

Thursday June 15th

This was supposed to be a nice sunny day just like yesterday, but after four and a half innings of play in the daygame, heaven opens and made the field an olympic swim competition. The rain delay lasted for over three hours but thanks to the very hard work by our fieldcrew both scheduled games could be played, so we are back on schedule again.

First game was between hometeam Kaunas from Lithuania and Sant Boi from Spain.
Sant Boi is so far undefeated and they started with two runs in the opening inning against Kaunas starter Dziugas Gavrilcikas. After that the Spanish offence halted for two innings but in the fourth inning it came back with three more runs and the day was over for Gavrilcikas. Meanwhile the Sant Boi starter Kerson Trinidad was cruising through the innings without any runs allowed, in fact he allowed just two hits over his eight innings of work, earning the win with 8-0.
Sant Boi hitters collected three more runs in the eight inning and had 11 hits together with Rivas as the highlight with 3 for 4 with a double.
Best hitter in Kaunas was their only player with hits, William Gordon who went 2 for 3.

The evening game was a similar game with almost the same score 7-0, and almost the same amount of hits for each team.
It was between hometeam Deby Osielsko from Poland and the London Mets from Great Britain, and the Londoners won the game much thanks to a 2 hit shutout game by Mets starter Pietro Sollecito.
The Polish starter Pawel Sztejka allowed six (five earned) runs during his 4 2/3 innings on the mound. The reliever Lukasz Snopek allowed only one run for the rest of the game, but since Sollecito didn’t allow anything at all, the outcome was clear.
Best hitter in the Mets was leadoff man Martin Tucker who went 3 for 5 with a double, in Deby Osielsko there was only two hits.

Sant Boi is 3-0 and they are already in the final, if they loose against the London Mets tomorrow they can be the away team in the final – but they are in the final

If London Mets win tomorrow, they are in the final. If Sant Boi win and Deby Osielsko win the game against Stockholm, London Mets is in the final. If Stockholm win against Deby Osielsko and Sant Boi wins, Kaunas are in the final anyway.
Stockholm and Deby Osielsko are both already out of it.

But You baseball Gods – please no more rain!

Wednesday June 14th

No need to talk about weather today, clear skies, almost no wind and sunny!

The daygame was between hometeam Sant Boi from Spain and UKS Deby Osielsko from Poland and Deby began with scoring a run in the first inning with a single and a double, but after that they didn’t score again until the seventh inning. Sant Boi scored seven runs in the first three innings and won with 12-2.
Deby Osielsko´s starter Radoslaw Zajda lasted just one inning with 6 earned runs and five walks but after Mateus Gralak came in as a reliever he made it a bit harder for the Spanish hitters. Sant Boi´s starter Sergio Gutierrez was the winning pitcher with five innings of work and only one earned run and five strikeouts.
Best hitter in Deby Osielsko was actually the starting pitcher Zajda who went 3 for 3 and a walk.
In Sant Boi it was Ruben Fente with 2 for 2 with a triple and Alejandro Saenz with 3 for 3 and two doubles.

The evening game was between hometeam Kaunas from Lithuania and Stockholm Monarchs. Maybe because the Monarchs played very well yesterday the attendence was up at maybe 70 people, but they was to become dissapointed with the outcome of the game. Monarchs couldn’t repeat the good performance at all, and was outscored 15-0 in only six innings.

Kaunas starting pitcher Mraijus Dargis lived on the outside part of the strikezone the whole evening and Stockholm hitters looked helpless. Joe Firestone who is a left hitting batter managed to get two hits but the rest of the Monarchs hitters couldn’t collect more than two bloop hits.
Monarchs starter Bijan Palme took the hard loss with 8 ER in three innings of work and was released by Elias Espling who didn’t allow any earned runs in his plus two innings of work, but six errors in the last two innings didn’t help.

No, this was Kaunas game from the start, they pitched very well and hit also very well as a team with Nick Miceli who went 4 for 5 with 7 RBI as a highlight.

This means that Kaunas, London and Stockholm has beaten each other but the Monarchs numbers doesn’t look good in case of a run difference affair.

Tuesday June 13th

The weather report said some rain but that it would clear up at noon, but it wasn’t before the first game was over that we could feel some sun warming us up a bit. But it was a drizzling come-and-go type of rain so it was possible to play.

Firts game was between Deby Osielsko from Poland in the hometeam dugout and Kaunas from Lithuania. It was a low scoring game were the pitchers held their opponents in control most of the time. With the score 1-1 in the 5th inning, Kaunas managed to get a leadoff hit-by-pitch come around to score after a bad throw to third base, and that proved to be the winning run. Kaunas increased it’s lead up to 6-1 in the top of the ninth when Deby pitching got a bit tired.
Once again two good starting pitchers who pitched well and quite a lot of pitches. The deciding factor prove to be defence and maybe Kaunas was a bit better in that department.
Best hitters in Deby Osielsko was Sztejka and Matuszewski with 2 hits each and in Kaunas Maculevicius and William Gordon also with 2 hits each.

The sun came back to the field for the second game between the real hometeam Stockholm Monarchs and London Mets at 18.00.
The sun and the hometeam was probably the reason for the increase in attendence. And they were lucky to see what was going to be the best game so far of the tournament, a very close affair with two excellent starting pitchers in Marshall Crawford for the Mets and Eland Tsubata for the Monarchs.

They both pitched 112 pitches in eight resp. nine innings of work. Both pitched complete games and made it very difficult for the opposing hitters. The Monarchs managed to get some more hits but also strucked out more and they had an early lead with 1-0 from the second inning which was erased in the fourth when the Mets equalized to 1-1.
The pitchers and defence continued to strike out or throw out batters until bottom of the eight when Ricardo Montero in the Monarchs finally managed to get the first walk issued by Marshall Crawford with two outs, and he later scored the winning run after a single by Andrew Carlson and the game winning rbi single by Bijan Palme.
Eland Tsubata issued his first walk to open up top of the ninth to make it more interesting. But the middle infield managed to turn a nice double play after that to the liking of the big Stockholm crowd. The game ended by a ground out to third.

London Mets had five hits by five different hitters and the Monarchs best hitters was Andrew Carlson who went 3 for 4 and Oscar Holmber with two hits.
But this was a pitcher duel and a very well played game on defence by both teams.
Despite the weather in the first game, a very nice day at the baseball field.

Monday June 12th

The week of baseball here in Stockholm, Sweden began with rain but with a little help from our groundcrew people, the field was ready for the first game at noon as scheduled.

It was a game between hometeam London Mets and guests Kaunas from Lithuania and the game contained a lot of situations and errors (11), but also some good hitting and pitching. The Londoners was able to control the game and played better defence to earn a victory with 12-4 with only five RBIs.
The two starting pitchers had to throw a lot of pitches to get through their innings, Max Tyler for the Mets threw 130 and the Lithuanian pitcher William Gordon went 8 innings with 177 (!) pitches.
Best hitters in London was Carlos Dominguez and Daniele Sassoli with 3 hits each and in Kaunas Jacynas and Michelskis with 2 hits each.
The rain came back for a short visit in the last innings but the second game started as planned 18.00.

The hosting team Stockholm Monarchs was the guest team and Sant Boi from Barcelona took the field for the first pitch.
If the first game was dominated by errors, this was dominated by walks, the Monarchs gave away 11 of the free passes and as the Sant Boi starter Eric Izquierdo didn’t allow any runs during his 6 innings on the mound, the outcome of the game was pretty obvious. Sant Boi won 11-3.
The Monarchs had their chances with runners in scoring position many times but couldn’t get it done, but overall a well played game on defence with two double plays an some fine plays from shortstop Max Hill for example.
Best hitters in Sant Boi was Daniel Martinez who went 4 for 5 with a double with two RBIs and Ruben Fente who went 3 for 3 with a double.
In Stockholm it was Arvid Carlstedt with two hits.

Overall a good first day of the tournament with a nice feeling between everybody involved, even if the weather could been better…

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