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Welcome to the official website of the six time Swedish National Champions Stockholm Baseball & Softball Club.


Stockholm BSK was founded in 1990 after the two rival clubs Skarpnäck and Bagarmossen merged to form Stockholm Baseball & Softball Club.

Stockholm play and practice at Skarpnäck in southern Stockholm and is currently the biggest baseball organization in Sweden.

After a couple of stints in the lower divisions of the Swedish league Stockholm qualified to move up to Elitserien again in 2005 and has now played there since 2006 and won the club’s first ever Swedish Championship in 2008 and has followed that up with championship wins in 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Stockholm is run by a member-elected board of directors who cooperate with members of the club in making decisions and running the club. 


Baseball in Sweden has been around since 1912 when an exhibition game was played during the summer Olympics that took place in Stockholm between Västerås BäsbollKlubb and a team made up by athletes from the American Olympic squad.


The Stockholm Baseball program stretches from the ages of 6 all the way up to adults in different age groups. Toddler baseball (6-8) years old, B-Youth (9-12), Cadets (13-15), Juniors (16-19), Seniors (18+). We are always looking for new players of all ages as well as coaches and always welcome any individual who wants to play the great game of baseball, or if you don’t want to be active as a player we always welcome anyone with a heart for baseball to be a member of the club and help out as much as they want.

Mission statement

Stockholm Baseball and Softball Club is a familiar club with elite level ambitions. We offer broad activities in baseball to toddlers and youth players, both boys and girls for ages 5-19 as well as for men and women from 20 years of age. We have elite preparing activities for boys and girls ages 13-15 as well as elite level activities from 16 years of age. Those that participate should have the opportunity to develop socially in a community filled with joy, success and comfort.

The values of Stockholm Baseball:


Joy and community

Stockholm Baseball and Softball Club will run and develop an organization that allows us to have fun, feel good, and perform better. This entails that the organization is run in a democratic fashion, where everyone can be a part of decision making and take responsibility for their actions. The organization sees everybody as equals and anyone that wants too can be a part of the organization. Everything within the organization is based on non-profit work.



Within the organization opportunities for mental, physical, and social development will be offered, based on the individual’s own preconditions. To enjoy each other’s success and to support each other in times of need are essential parts of the organization.


Fair Play

The organization will show respect for the game, its rules, officials and players. To stay within the agreements and show good ethics and morals. To work against cheating, performance enhancing drugs, and harassment both on and off the field. We will have a stable organization that provides good chances for development and too reach success.



“Stockholm Baseball & Softball Club shall be the leading baseball and softball organization in Sweden, both on and off the field.”


Contact Information:


The board:


Yvonne Claesson (President): This is a mailto link

Thomas Claesson: This is a mailto link

Annelee Lindgren: This is a mailto link

Karin Lindqvist: This is a mailto link

Cissi Lindh: This is a mailto link

Thomas Lundin: This is a mailto link

Anton Karjalainen: This is a mailto link

Coaches and correspondents:


Jakob Claesson (Senior): This is a mailto link


Erik Hartman (Senior B): This is a mailto link


Jakob Claesson (Junior U19): This is a mailto link


Robert Claesson (Cadet U15): This is a mailto link


Kenji Rabson (B-Youth U12): This is a mailto link

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